Implementing Safety & Productivity Innovation Team

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2023 Face to Face Class (9:00 am to 6:00 pm):
20 Jan 2023 (Fri) 9AM to 6PM
9 Feb 2023 (Thu) 9AM to 6PM
6 Mar 2023 (Mon) 9AM to 6PM
10 Apr 2023 (Mon) 9AM to 6PM
15 May 2023 (Mon) 9AM to 6PM
6 Jun 2023 (Tue) 9AM to 6PM

2023 NIGHT Face to Face class (6:30 pm to 10:00 pm):
17,18 Jan 2023 (Tue & Wed) 6.30PM to 10PM
21,22 Feb 2023 (Tue & Wed) 6.30PM to 10PM
9,10 Mar 2023 (Thu & Fri) 6.30PM to 10PM
10,11 Apr 2023 (Mon & Tue) 6.30PM to 10PM
25,26 May 2023 (Thu & Fri) 6.30PM to 10PM
12,13 Jun 2023 (Mon & Tue) 6.30PM to 10PM

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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"Safe work processes ensure good quality works, good quality works reflect quality products, high quality products come from excellent productivity."

The course provides the participants to unleash their innovative and creative potential by providing a systematic way of solving problems. It provides the participants on the “know how” for setting up safety and productivity innovation team which will facilitate safety and productive work.

Throughout the course, the function of the safety innovation team will be discussed by implementing various tools and techniques. The team enables a boost improvement not only safety and quality, but also the productivity of the organization.

  • Forming of innovation team
  • What is innovation
  • Being creative – think out of the box
  • Problem solving approach : Plan-Do-Check-Act(PDCA)
  • Problem solving tools : Brainstorming, Data collection using check sheet, histograms, 5 whys, Cause and Effect Analysis (Fishbone diagram)
  • Decision making : Pareto Analysis, SWOT analysis
  • Implementation – Overcoming the fear of change
  • Project Managers, Engineers, Supervisors
  • Companies who intend to prepare their staff for safety innovation awards
  • Companies who intend to implement Productivity Innovation Team

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