Workplace Safety & Health Courses

(SDU Points Available)

Learners Hub offers courses with SDU points to improve your Industrial and Work Skills knowledge.

Skills Development Fund and SkillsFuture Subsidies are available for the courses below.

Hands on in 3D Printing, Modelling and Scanning

7 SDU Points | Use Skillsfuture Credit

Tower Scaffold Safety Course

2 SDU Points

Implementing Total Workplace Safety & Health

4 SDU Points

Apply FMEA Techniques

Implementing Safety & Productivity Innovation Team

7 SDU Points

Introduction to Effective Stress & Time Management in the Workplace

7 SDU Points

Understanding the Approved code of practice - Chief Executives’ and Board of Directors’

4 SDU Points

Mastering Design Thinking for Innovation

Other General Workplace Safety & Health Courses

Build a Productive & Safety Culture Through a Learning Organisation


Prepare for ConSASS (ver 28 Sept 2021)

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