bizSAFE 1 Course for CEO/Top Management

$110.00 Nett
The bizSAFE is a programme which administered by the Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) to encourage the workplace safety and health. There are 5 different levels in this programme.

To start your bizSAFE JOURNEY, your CEO / Top Management has to sign up in this programme conducted by the bizSAFE Service Providers. The objective of this workshop is to understand the roles and responsibilities of the company’s Top Management in implementing workplace safety and health. The participants will also be introduced to the bizSAFE concept as well as the WSH act and regulation.
The occupations that this unit would be relevant to include but not limited to:

Top Management,
Business Owners
Managing Directors
General Managers
Shareholders / Other Stakeholders and anyone who is keen to improve the WSH Standards within the organization.


*All Classes are In-person classes held at our training centre unless stated*

2023 Physical Face to Face Class (2:00pm to 5:00pm)
1 Jun 2023 Thursday 2PM to 5PM
13 Jun 2023 Tuesday 2PM to 5PM
*NEW* 13 June 2023 Tuesday 2PM to 6PM + [Top up $60 for Approved Code of Practice for Top Management course lesson]
3 Jul 2023 Monday 2PM to 5PM
25 Jul 2023 Tuesday 2PM to 5PM
16 Aug 2023 Wednesday 2PM to 5PM 
22 Aug 2023 Tuesday 2PM to 5PM

2023 Online ZOOM Class (2:00pm to 5:00pm)
7 Jun 2023 Wednesday 2PM to 5PM
21 Jun 2023 Wednesday 2PM to 5PM
13 Jul 2023 Thursday 2PM to 5PM
3 Aug 2023 Thursday 2PM to 5PM
31 Aug 2023 Thursday 2PM to 5PM

Course Timing: 2PM to 5PM
Course Duration: 3 Hours

Please note that this course is NOT eligible for skillsfuture credit.
There is no subsidy for this course.

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