Guide to Absentee Payroll

Absentee Payroll (AP) Funding is a grant to help employers defray the manpower costs incurred when they send their employees for certifiable skills training. 

In order to be eligible for AP Funding, the trainees must meet the following criteria:

✓ Trainees must: 
  • be SG/PR and are full-time employees with an employment contract
  • be on the company's payroll, receive CPF and welfare benefits
  • complete the course whilst under employment of the sponsoring company. 
  • continue to receive their salary when they attend training
  • have achieved MINIMUM 75% attendance
  • have passed the assessments
  • be fully sponsored by their employer for all course fees

Persons who are Not Applicable for Absentee Payroll:
  • all full time students who are also part-time employees
  • freelance or casual workers
  • Person who repeats the same course or receives funding from other bodies will not be eligible for funding

Your company must meet this criteria:

Company must be registered or incorporated in Singapore

Employment size of not more than 200;
Annual sales turnover (at group level) of not more than S$100 million

At least 30% local shareholding is held by Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents.

There could be 2 reasons your company is not recognised as an SME

1) Your company does not meet the qualifying criteria

2) Your company meets the criteria, and is recently incorporated but is not active yet. In this case, you will need to submit an 'SME DECLARATION' application. You can find the guide to do so HERE

Earn a Local Qualifying Salary of at least $1400.00 per month

Have CPF Contributions

Enjoy welfare benefits from the company

Things to Note

Absentee Payroll will be disbursed via Corporate Paynow. Please note there are no other disbursement methods.

Your company can submit the Absentee Payroll Declaration within 90 days from last day of course.

Please only input information that is true and accurate

Step 1: Sign up for Corporate Paynow (for first time users)
Step 2: Enable Corp Pass Access (for 1st time application)
Step 3 : How to make Absentee Payroll Declaration

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